Presentation of Colours to the Cape Breton Highlanders

Saturday, October 2, 2:00pm The Cape Breton Highlanders will be receiving their new Regimental Colours on October 2nd, 2021, as part of the 150th Anniversary celebrations. These Colours will be the Regiments first since their name was restored in 2011.

The Regimental Colours are awarded to a regiment by the Queen or her vice-regal representative during a ceremony. They are treated with reverence as they represent the honour and traditions of the Regiment. Colours can be traced back to the Roman Empire and are made up of two flags, the Queen’s Colours and the Regimental Colours. The Queen’s Colour is the national flag with the Regiment’s insignia emblazoned upon it. The Regimental Colours feature the Regimental insignia emblazoned upon it. Also emblazoned on the Colour are battle honours awarded to the Regiment. They showcase the Regiment’s history and service to Canada.

Battle Honours are awarded to provide public recognition of and to record a combatant unit’s active participation in battle against a formed and armed enemy. The new Regimental Colours will have a new Battle Honour added to them. The Cape Breton Highlanders have been awarded the Battle Honour of Afghanistan due to the number of Highlanders who severed there during Canadian Operations in Afghanistan.

On October 2nd, 2021 at 2pm The Cape Breton Highlanders will conduct a military parade at the Cape Breton Health & Recreation Complex on CBU’s campus. The military parade will feature The Cape Breton Highlanders Pipe & Drums Band along with the Statacone Brass and Reed Band. Members of The Cape Breton Highlanders will take the field and be presented with their New Regimental Colours, showcasing and tracing their lineage over 150 years.

The Cape Breton Highlanders Originated October 13, 1871, in Baddeck, Nova Scotia as the Victoria Provisional Battalion of Infantry and are perpetuating the 94th Regiment, 85th and 185 Battalions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, and the 2nd Battalion Nova Scotia Highlanders (Cape Breton).